Daniel Friedrich

發布人:高級管理員 發布日期:2018-07-02

Daniel FriedrichDaniel Friedrich



Undergraduate School:?Drake University


Hometown:?Vienna, Austria

Languages:?English, German, and Spanish


Why did you choose this program??

A multicultural cohort, highly renowned universities on three different continents, and an amazing year of seeing the world and learning about other cultures make for a perfect combination for gaining invaluable experiences.

What do you enjoy about the program so far??

People in this program are not only very intelligent and have had amazing experiences in their lives, but they are also super open and down to earth, which makes spending time with this class a pleasure. The possibility of living together with all the people of the cohort only makes the feeling of being connected to these people even stronger.

Fun Facts about Me:?I

played American football in Austria. I won the Austrian Team Golf State Championship twice.


Golf, American football, skiing, cooking